Rules of Our Game

JAGA Monthly Meeting Golf Rules

Established by the Executive Board on October 11, 2010

    1. All play is governed by USGA Rules except as otherwise noted below or as directed at the meetings. JAGA Rules of Play are in effect except where over ridden by the rules below.

    2. Teams are formed from the reservations made by Officers or Directors. In order to play golf, the Officer or Director must also attend the business meeting.

    3. Officers and Directors may not request to play with any other Officer or Director. They may request to play with ONE guest maximum. Other guests are paired on a different team. Exceptions must be approved by the JAGA President.

    4. Players in the 'game' for prizes must have verifiable USGA handicap indexes. Officers, Directors and guests who do not have verifiable USGA handicap indexes, may play golf but they are not in the 'game' for prizes.

    5. All teams will be randomly arranged by the Golf Director for JAGA meetings.

    6. Players are paired with the other members of their team for the 'game'.

    7. Players may select the tees from those offered on the web site. Player's USGA indexes are converted to course handicaps for the selected tees in accordance with the USGA Handicap System. Select your tees carefully! Tees cannot be changed at the meeting.  When different tees are used by the competitors, handicaps are adjusted in accordance with USGA Handicap System, Section 3-5/1.

    8. The 'game' will be the 2 best balls net of a team's players on each hole and the 18 hole net scores then totaled, giving the team score. Hole net scores are determined by taking a player's handicap on each hole and subtracting it from their gross score on that hole. Ex: A player has a 10 handicap and the hole they are playing is rated 9. This player would subtract one from his gross score to determine his net score. The team's net score for each hole will be the sum of their 2 best balls net.

      NOTE: A player should pick up on a hole once it becomes obvious he can no longer help his team on that hole. A player who picks up should record a score in accordance with USGA rules for incomplete holes and also put an 'X' in the score-box. This is considered an 'X-out' hole.
      Each team must have 2 legitimate (not X-outs) net scores on each hole. Any team without 2 legitimate net scores on a hole is automatically disqualified.

    9. Threesome teams are filled with a fourth player, after play but prior to awards, by the Golf Director for Meetings by doing a blind draw from that day's players who are not already on that team. If the original threesome had two 'X-outs' on any hole, the Director will assure that the player drawn did not also X-out on that same hole. A new player is drawn until the team has two legitimate net scores on each hole.  The player drawn to fill a team receives a winner's certificate if that team places in the money.

    10. The team with the lowest team score for 18 holes, as determined above, is the winner, next lowest is second place, etc.

    11. Ties will be broken as follows:
      -First tiebreaker- - the sum of the two best balls net for the back 9 (holes 10-18)
      -Second tiebreaker- the sum of the two best balls net for the last 6 holes (13-18)
      -Third tiebreaker- the sum of the two best balls net for the last 3 holes (16-18)
      -Fourth tiebreaker- coin toss

    12. Prize money is $10.00 ($15 for some special events) per player, taken from the meeting fee. Prizes are gift certificates from the host golf course purchased with the prize money except for some events professional are paid in cash.. Prize amount value will be determined by number of players. The greater the number of players in the game, the higher the prize value and the higher the number of places paid. The prizes are approximately:
      a. 40% of the pool for first place
      b. 30% of the pool for 2rd place
      c. 20% of the pool for 3rd place
      d. 10% of the pool for 4th place
      e. Prizes for the GM, Pro & GS Tournament and the JAGA Club Championship will be set by the JAGA Event Committee.

    13. Rain-outs and other cancellations - In the event that a match is canceled after the club has been paid, JAGA has purchased prize certificates, and not ALL teams have completed their rounds, prizes will be awarded by lottery drawing from the teams that are present. Partial teams are only awarded prizes for those players present. Any leftover certificates are awarded at the next meeting.

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